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Looking for a simple, eye-catching way to advertise your business, event, or product? Custom printed wallpapers can transform any space into a beautiful environment. LP-Designs Printing, Signs, and Displays provides design, printing, and installation services and will ship wall graphics to anyplace in Atlanta Ga.

To get started, we would need to know how large you would need your custom wall wraps to be. What are the dimensions? What colors would you like to use? Where are you placing them? Would you need us to install them? These answers would help us get an accurate quote for you.

  1. Uses of Digital wallpapers

Digitally printed wall wraps work in a variety of applications for advertising and brand building, including reception areas, bars, clubs, retail shops and more. Custom wall graphics may include nature backdrops, funky contemporary designs, classic images – fundamentally, whatever you want!

These wall wraps may also be used as backdrops or partitions to separate areas or workspaces within a commercial space. Apart from images and logos, commercial digital wall wraps rely heavily on content to deliver your brand’s message. These brand messages can include mission statements, quotes, and slogans.

  1. Custom Digital Wall Papers Products from LP-designs

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality digital wallpaper products to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Removable digital wallpaper comes with different types of adhesives for multiple purposes.

  • Semi-permanent Adhesive Digital Wall wraps

We have a semi-permanent adhesive that easily sticks to smooth surfaces and is the ideal solution for short-term marketing campaigns that last for less than a year.

  • Permanent Adhesive Digital Wallpaper

We also provide a permanent adhesive alternative that can last as long as five years using eco-friendly latex inks with our 720-dpi process.

  • Wallboard Vinyl

Designed for temporary use, wallboard vinyl is easy to install, remove, and clean. A major benefit is that the adhesive is versatile and reusable so you can remove and reapply these wall graphics an infinite number of times.

  • Wall Fabric

Polyester fabric with an adhesive backing, wall fabric is easy to install and remove in the same way as wallboard vinyl graphics. However, they are not waterproof and are best for indoor applications.

  1. How Does the Digital Wall Paper Printing Process Work?

LP-Designs usually prints digital wallpaper using our high-quality 720 dpi printing process to create impactful vinyl prints.

  • Start by choosing the image and design you want. The image resolution will depend on the size of the wall graphics.
  • We finalize the design based on your vision and direction and send it to you for approval.
  • Once approved, we start the printing process to your desired size and specifications.
  • We will deliver and even install the finished product for you.

Some customers want custom wallpaper murals for large areas while others need to brand smaller sections. Every minor detail is ironed out at the start to ensure a seamless process.

In cases where you are unable to provide suitable images for design, we will go the extra mile to source the best options for you.

  1. Why Work With LP-designs?

At LP-Designs, we use odor-free latex inks and the latest equipment to produce bright and sharp prints for wallpapers of all sizes and designs. This helps us deliver a high-quality finished product that creates the desired impact. Some of the benefits of working with us include –

  • An array of materials including vinyl, fabric, or canvas
  • Customized prints made to fit any wall or application size
  • Complete end-to-end solution from design through to printing and dispatch
  • Upfront quotes with no hidden prices
  • Simplified installation where you peel and place

LP-Designs will take care of your wallpaper printing project from the beginning to the end.

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